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Do you still need to worry about updating when website maintenance services is here ?

We offer website design and completed the job for you but do you think that's enough? Website maintenance services is introduced because we understand business owners may be too busy to even update basic content on their site, thus we decided to step in. We believe that website is like a representation of your company online. Without updated content, latest news or proper maintenance your website is like just the other typical website However, we do believe that some website content won't change for quite some time however other maintenance need to be taken into consideration. As a result, some websites need daily updates while others only need periodic maintenance.

Web Maintain

Friendinfotech provide cost effective Website Maintenance Services to the client's websites. Website Maintenance includes altering, making changes in the web pages and the content as well. The alternate addition of new web pages is a part of website maintenance and hence we work keeping in mind the SEO rules, by searching for keywords, tags and many more. It is must to do thing these days. By outsourcing your web site maintenance, you are free from the regular updates and expansions. Websites are not intended to be static even if they are built as a static html website. The value of a practice website is the ability to maintain current information online at a reasonable cost. We assume that you will want to revise some or all of your web pages over time, as well as adding additional web pages according to your business needs. To assist you in maintaining current information online, we offer several options for website maintenance. Under our website maintenance service contract, you are entitled to make a specific amount of revisions to existing web pages. This includes altering content, adding new page, modify existing page, changing the template etc. To get more details, do not hesitate to contact us! We also do various troubleshooting. We do work by hourly rate, as affordable as possible you can get your headache gone by outsourcing to us and we will charge by hourly rate depending on how long it takes to fix the issue. We will be transparent with this as well, as we could do screen-sharing to ensure that we fully utilize the hour, or just let us do the job.

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The following packages offer our website maintenance services at discounted rates when paid yearly in advance.


$20/Month $200/Year Order Now

This package is for customers who are need to Update text, announcements, mages, addresses etc per month.

  • Text Update
  • Images Update
  • Security: Yes
  • OnPage SEO: No
  • Updates Per Month: Up to 2 Hours
  • Update Time: in 24 Hours
  • Backup: Monthly
  • New Page Creation: No


$40/Month $400/Year Order Now

This package is exclusively for customers who need their content to be dynamic and up to date with their growth.

  • Text Update
  • Images Update
  • Security: Yes
  • Backup: Weekly
  • Updates Per Month: Up to 5 Hours
  • Update Time: in 24 Hours
  • OnPage SEO: Yes
  • New Page Creation: Yes


$Ask/Month ₹Ask/Year Order Now

If above packages not better for your website, you can choose our custom package, Just email us with your requirements, we will give you our price and services details.

  • For E-commerce Site
  • For Forum Site
  • For any other sites
  • For Blog Site
  • If you need Moderrtor
  • If you need Virtual Assistant